Central Coast Stadium


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according to the official bid book no
Checked your link and I stand corrected. Good info, the way I read that though someone could still say actually we’d rather go here instead?

It looks like distance to stadium, airport and suitably sized accommodation would be the main issue counting against us. I’d imagine you’d be talking about training out of CCS, playing in Sydney and staying in Terrigal which doesn’t compare well to some alternatives offered.
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There will also be an extra 8 teams. I would say that one of the extra teams could choose Terrigal/CCS to play out of Newcastle rather than Coffs Harbour or Port Macquarie.

No direct flights from Coffs listed but a flight from Port Macquarie to McDonald Jones is 65 minutes. When you add 5-10 minutes to the airport plus a 25-30 minute coach trip to the stadium then total travel time is 105-115 minutes. A 77 minute coach trip with no change is an easier and quicker option.

Another alternative is if you are talking about a high profile team playing out of Sydney then they may prefer a lower key environment that the Coast offers.


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We gotta get the stadium before we can do anything with the bankrupt bowlo...and we ain’t getting the stadium