Seeing the back of Charlesworth

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This is pulled straight from twitter:

Following an impassioned speech by club CEO, Shaun Mielekamp, Central Coast Council has passed a motion agreeing to a crisis meeting regarding support to keep the club on the Coast

From within those minutes,
"While there is always the possibility of the license being transferred to another location, both the Mariners and the FFA has expressed a preference to keep the club on the Central Coast.
There are indications of potential bidders that would buy to keep the club on the Central
Coast. Groups have also been established seeking support from members and supporters of the Central Coast Mariners to put forward a model to have a proportion of community ownership.
At this stage, there is little that a “crisis meeting” would achieve. Staff recommend that Council confirm its support to retain the club on the Central Coast and request the Council’s CEO continue conversations with the club and other stakeholders to support this outcome, with regular updates to Council on progress."


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Having watched the public forum and the follow up meeting council held, I am actually shocked at the ineptitude of a number of our councillors. There are a couple of good eggs in there, but those who were asking questions like “what’s the crisis?”, “Ok so just to clarify you want to move the club away from the coast”, “when do we get a rugby league team?” shows they just don’t f**king get it.
Council staff recommending against a crisis meeting in the first instance is f**ked as well.
Thankfully, Shaun spoke very convincingly and persuasively to turn a number of councillors around and put them in favour of a crisis meeting.


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Council staff recommending against a crisis meeting in the first instance is f**ked as well.
It really makes you question their thought process doesn't it? You have a range of interested parties some who may want to operate in place while others want to move the license, would it not be beneficial to look at what terms the council could offer to make the in place option a more attractive one? You dont have to offer the world but leaning on the scales a little wouldnt hurt.