Round 24 v City


I know Tongyik clocks off at times but if he had someone like Patty Z coaching him he would be a beast.
He's a big unit, seems like a lot of untapped potential. Would definitely benefit from some quality coaching.

I can't believe he's left Stens on. I don't understand that.


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So Clisby is the shits! Kye Rowles is on a Own Goal-a-thon BUT Dylan Fox makes one little error and his gawnski ...f**k right off


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If a player has 6 options in general -
Pass Left, Pass Right, Pass Back, Shield, Take on, Long ball.

Our players literally made the wrong choice nearly EVRY TIME!!!!

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Happy for Muzz - give him the ball and he scores. Who knew?
Had Heart to win so weekend off to a good start - betting against Charlesworth is free money.
Great improvement Anton you mug


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The back 4 are a f**king shambles.

The Jock is the only hope but only if he was alongside 3 other decent players. la land at times. (in 2 years might be good)
Tonyik....useless. Movement and anticipation of a lamppost.
Clisby......that was a masterclass in how not to defend. Simply embarrassing.

Birra looks lost now.
Stens is absolutely no better than Melling (same passing school).

Get Patrick in now to teach these muppets to defend.

I cant give any points. Kim was good and shite in equal measure. Muzza was shit but scored two nice goals. Maybe 1 Point to those 2 everyone else was dogshite.

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you just know the result as soon as you see the team sheet when Clisby is a starter....but unfortunately I have to agree with Wombat that the back 4 are a shambles.
the silver lining of the lockouts is that our fan numbers aren't embarrassingly exposed again....we will break another record with our next loss so we are lucky not to also be breaking the lowest ever a league attendance....


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Lucky we can’t get flicked from the comp huh ?
still ...Muzz was fed


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Watched the game in patches in between the rugby league. Felt we deserved a lot more out of this but we still lack in multiple areas of the park.

Kim was fantastic and Muzz finally found his shooting boots.


Ok after watching that game I’m also going to blame Staj for that. So many times we got caught out with Miller and Clisby to far up field leaving us thin at the back. We don’t have the quality to be playing that type of game. Staj needs to adapt to the cattle he has. Let our players concentrate on 1 job backs to defend forwards to score etc. It was a hot night he wanted them to run up and down the pitch help in attack get back in defence. They are no bloody good enough. Back to basics 442 easy and simple everybody knows there job.


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Someone explain to me the reasoning behind the near constant passing across the back between Ziggy and whoever ...doesn’t this give the opposition a chance to get to their man and get set?....or am I nuts


I'm an idiot savant without the pesky savant bit
The club gave the official crowd figure as 3,120
didn`t look anywhere near that figure...:popcorn:
Well, let’s see...the ball retrieval technicians mums, The lineys partners, Marvin, 12 seagulls, the city fan outside the fence , no security or coppers ...I reckon it was more like 6790