Mariners Fans Trust Thread


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In the How to Help The Mariners thread I posted the idea of creating a Trust.

The post I made suggested 1, 500 fans @ $ 5, 000.00 each over two years which is a tad under $ 50.00 per week.

It would raise 7.5 million, and with that buy 50% of the club and have equal share holding and board members. The numbers were plucked out of the air as what I think is needed.

Many people have commented on this post mostly either in support or thinking its a good idea but too late.

There have been offers to design a web page, others to help organise.

There are many issues to consider, first will the club be interested, will the club open the books for inspection to persons setting up the trust so they can provide where the club sits. Beyond this what happens if say 6.2 million is raised or alternatively 9.8 million what happens to under's and overs.

As an accountant in public practice I have the software and knowledge to establish a trust and create members accounts, but its a big and ongoing job, which needs administrating.

Do we want to have a meeting, and invite Shaun, having already pre-presented questions to Shaun for the meeting.

This is a genuine attempt to determine if this has legs or a bubble idea with no hope of getting off the ground.

Open the flood gates and invite comment, things like how much do we need to raise, maybe we buy 10% of the club. At this stage no idea is to silly or to wacko, just be genuine. Also if you could help in any way, how we would inform the broader Mariner past and present fans base, and how we may get together as a group for a first meeting if we thing there is a chance of it happening.

Over to the forum......


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Chances of me buying into a business with Charlesworth?
None. Ever.
I agree, unfortunately. How much are we going get in return, given it's such a huge investment? Who can find the time to orchestrate it?

I'm all for helping, even on the software and administration side, but I am concerned about how much planning that would need to go into this. The club is already on borrowed time, and it's a massive ask for fans who have already invested (as mentioned in other threads) large amounts of money and time into the club to be rewarded with five seasons of mediocrity. If we were to get this many people involved, the club needs to have shown a clearer direction and some genuine improvement this season, otherwise, most of us just won't take the leap due to how large the ask is. The club has eradicated most of its chances of getting an investor now, and I am very worried it might be too late.

Even with the added bonus of having a say in club affairs, the amount required is far too steep for most fans to commit to. $5,000 is a lot of money, and most fans will feel more inclined to reward themselves rather than a failing football club.

I'm all ears to anybody else's opinion, but that's my say.

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It’s a donation not an investment.

I admire your attempts @midfielder but as @marinermick states that is only enough money to buy 50% share and then we need operating money to cover the 50% or responsibilities.

Provided MC is even interested I think you’d be better making it an exclusive investment of 100k each with limited spots.

All investors are going to need to know they will have to kick in more money every year.

The issues with raising that extra money would be very difficult to over come.
What happens if someone doesn’t want to put in and then you have to force them to sell etc.

Unfortunately I think you are opening a bigger can of worms than your intention.

however at least you are having a go.

just not sure us forumites have the funds for a football club that looses alot of money, style investment.


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I think this will be a case of too little too late. Maybe in the early Charlesworth days you could have had more people provide a lower amount but 5k in this economy with our depleted and dejeted fan base is an impossible ask. The A league site has us at 6821 members and that includes kids, the free members from finals and 3/6 game members. A fifth of those would need to provide serious cash under this idea. My guess would be maybe around half of them are full season ticket adults which would make the proportion needed even higher.

Then on top of that you have convince people MC doesnt see it as a chance to reduce his loss AND we actually use it well. Really tough sell. I like the idea and effort put in to it but can't see it being plausible.


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Unfortunately, $5,000 is just too hard to justify as a donation
The concerns raised by many are understandable but perhaps there is a less ambitious option that might be attainable in the near term?

A small group of us are currently working on something and are in the process of crystallising our initial ideas at the moment, with a view to sharing these with others in the very near future.

Whilst our vision might not meet the lofty goals of some, we feel that it could be workable and might even provide a stepping stone to a broader form of investment model in the future.

Hopefully we will have something more to share soon.


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“12month Subscription ownership shares”
$9.95 p/m gives percentage / privileges.
$14.95 p/m
$19.95 p/m

Average 14.95 x 12m x 3000 subscribers
= $538,000

Agreement made that this fund used on spend on top of cap.

To fill gap between base and top of cap:

Give every community member the ability to refer/sign up sponsors.

Have non corporate affordable sponsorship packages that have obviously much smaller value for local businesses, but still a way they can be involved and say “I’m a sponsor”.

When a sells a sponsorship package they attract a commission or benefit.

Eg. Package 1 - $999
= $100 commission (Gift Card, half time kick)

Package 2 - $1999
= $250 commission

Package 3 - $2999
= $400 commission

Sign 100 local business @ average of $2000.
= $200,000

Fund strictly used to fill base to top of cap.



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I`d like to see some part of the fund set aside for a members clubhouse.
A place where we could all meet for the away games,have a few beers etc.

Maybe if we take Middies original $7m over 2 years and buy the storage place opposite Bunnings and next to the COE
Then convert the back building into the clubhouse and open it up to the playing field behind.
Apply for a liquor licence (Wombat could be the licencee) and gradually pour funds and profits back into the facility.
The boutique stadium could then be built with the club right next to it and the storage business provides a base income stream.
This would all be owned by the members /supporters...:popcorn: