Coast Football Ramble Podcast

Coast Football Ramble

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First podcast for the season.
We're a bit rusty and we has a few hiccups to start with, but we soldiered saved only by the fact that there were donuts to eat during recording...
We discuss the Mariners off-season.
Talk to Dan the membership man.
And had a quick chat to Mariners CEO Shaun Mielekamp.
We apologise for the poor audio this week.



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OUTSTANDING...welcome back jimmy and the boys...(not the 70s punk band)


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Thanks boys enjoyed listening and loved the way Shaun said get in Okon... and the discount you got for those that listen

Coast Football Ramble

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Jesse Canning Mariners events manager joins us in the studio.
We have a long chat to Shaun Mielekamp including the transition between managers.
Revisit some more of our ex players all whilst slowing losing our minds to a lack of oxygen.

We would love some feedback, good and bad, help us make the program you'd like to hear.
We know that they're not the most relevant and a bit sidetracked at the moment due to the season having not started yet.


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Will he look to make changes with the academy team or be involved in recruiting for it or just be sticking to the senior side


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Paolo will be on tonight's podcast. If you have any questions. Post here ASAP
Lots of questions about the back four. Where will Posco start, CB or RB? What is the back-up plan for our CB's? Monty was being trialled (during TW's reign) at CB - is this still an option?
I'm also interested in whether Liam Rose is considered a starting 6 or 8, or whether we can expect him to come on late for either Monty or Tavares?

I'm not expecting a straight answer to these questions, but it will be interesting to see whether Paolo's response is very general in nature (e.g. we'll assess every situation and react accordingly), or a little straighter (specific options for each situation).

I'm probably expecting too much, but you did ask for questions...